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Day 6 – South East Serengeti – Ndutu (game drive 3)

Got to sleep in today until 7:00am and had a breakfast at the lodge which was a nice after the long day yesterday.   We were still out on the game drive at sunrise today and saw many of the regulars this morning including lots of birds like the black and white stility, flamingos, and Malibu stork which Kessy described as looking like the “old man wearing a blanket”. 

 We also saw some of the slow migrators which were zebras and wildebeest that were scattered  here and there.  Kessy had nick names for many of the animals like “zebs” for the zebras and “ellie” for the elephants.   Picnic lunch today….and time for group pictures.  Here is one with us and our driver Kessy.  


We decided to go back to the same area where we had seen the cubs from the day before to see if the mother cheetah may be hungry today.  When we got over to the same area we did not see the mother cheetah but we did come across the “three brothers”, three male cheetahs that were traveling together were just walking across a field. 

Once we came up on them they decided it was nap time and they all lay down.  Not far from where we saw the brothers we came across a sole cheetah female just hanging out by herself.  We saw a jeep in her general vicinity and had headed her way and were looking all around, we were practically within 5 feet of her before we saw her lying there in the grass.  Trina named her “Pink”. 

Next we saw a pride of lions under a tree which comprised of female lions, teenagers and cubs!

Not 20 minutes later, we see a big pride of about 7 lions sleeping in the middle of the road.  We pulled and stopped and were looking at them when Trina noticed someone looking off to the left.  She asked out loud, “what is that over there?” pointing to the left.  When we looked over we saw a big male lion walking straight toward us. He was big and fat and looked very sleepy.  By the time he got over to us he looked exhausted and he plopped down with the rest of the pride and quickly rolled over to his back and then we saw his giant belly – clearly his females were doing some good hunting for him! 

After lunch we headed back to the cheetahs were to see if they may be hungry yet.  We were really hoping to see a hunt going down.  On the way over we saw a bunch of vultures on the ground which most likely meant something dead.  When we got there to check it out we were just in time to see a hyena stepping in to steal a left over kill from the vultures.  It quickly picked up the left overs and took off running with it hanging out of its mouth.  


We stopped too see the boys, but they were still just hanging out relaxing but “Pink” was up in a tree so we hurried over there to see her!  It was such beautiful setting to watch such a beautiful animal. 


On the way back to Ndutu lodge we saw what we thought may have been the same pride of lions from the day before with the four small cubs.  We hung out and watched them again for a bit but they were sleepier than the day before.


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