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Day 1 – Arrive in Tanzania and first game drive

I still can’t believe we are in Africa!!

Augustine and Kessy picked us up from the airport and it was so good to put a face to the voice and emails we had been exchanging for more than a year planning this adventure.

We stayed at a hotel called Kibo Palace and its known as a deluxe 4 star hotel because not only does it have electricity 24 hours a day and a pool it also has air conditioning.  The hotel is located in the heart of the city of Arusha.

Can’t believe we get to do this for 9 more days! 

We learned a new name for me (Stacey):  Mtoto (pronounced mmmmmmtoto) – which means, “little kid” in Swahili.  That was me on the whole trip.

And we are off on our first game drive already!!!!

Because we arrived earlier than some of the other guests we, Shelly, Dawn and I went on a pre-safari trip with Kessy (pronounced “Casey”), to Arusha National Park.  This park is known for its black and white colobus monkeys which we saw many, many, many.

During this trip we were able to see the following animals:  Blue monkeys, colobus monkey, baboons, wart hogs, zebras, giraffes, dik dik (which is the smallest of the antelopes), and lots of bush back, and waterbuck.  Our naturalist guide warned us that the Dik Dik may look tame and sweet but was a ruthless killer that would jump up and attack our jugular vein with his razor sharp horns… he said he had a mask made special to protect us!  What a jokester!

This is where Stacey watched a week old baby baboon for quite a bit of time.    She immediately asked where the parents were and who was taking care of him.  He was watching us as much as we watched him.  He put on a great show doing summersaults and twirling around.  He was just adorable. 





Game Drive - Arusha National Park

[img src=]
[img src=]Excited and ready to go into the park
[img src=]Stacey and Shelley on the lookout
[img src=]Our VERY first encounter....
Look at all the different kinds of animals: zebras, wart hogs, and giraffes
[img src=]Baby Baboon
This guy was only about a week old and he was just playing in the trees just watching us. One of my favorite encounters.
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]Dawn on the lookout when we stopped for a scenic view
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]Pretty happy and just the first game drive
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]
[img src=]Look how close we are to the Tawny Eagle
[img src=]

Kibo Palace Hotel







6 Responses to Day 1 – Arrive in Tanzania and first game drive

  1. MOM

    cute pictures are you surprised they were so close

  2. Daena aka DLo

    Trip of a LIFETIME!!! Love the blog, love the pics, thanks for sharing!!! Keep it coming!! : )

  3. Bob O'Connor

    I want to go back! Say hello to Augustine for me :)

  4. barbara

    WOW! What a great adventure….so close too!

  5. Suzanne Gordon

    Starting to get excited…have a few questions….like going to the bathroom? Guards at night in the camps? Please help me settle my nerves !

  6. xxx.vteo

    Hay tres cosas que se están dando -cuentan desde Poringa, un sitio donde se puede ver porno y compartir videos caseros, y que ya tiene eleven millones
    de usuarios-.

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