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Homer, Kayak Trip with Seaside Adventure

Got up this morning after a long and very rainy night and did not want to get out from under the covers. It was way to chilly. Stacey called our tour guide for the day to make sure our trip was still on given the amount of rain we had the night before and it was still raining this morning. So begrudgingly we got up and started getting ready. Cameras – check, rain pants – check, binoculars – check, etc. etc.

Getting ready to go on our trip was interesting since the dock and boats were all really low in the harbor, to the point where we could not use one of the ramps because it was so steep. The captain of the boat said it was the lowest tide of the year and that the landscape would look completely different by the end of the day.

We took a water taxi from the Spit to the island (wonderful ride and beautiful scenery) where we met our guide, “Rick”. What a great character he was, we liked him immediately. He got us situated with dry bags, life jackets and paddles for our Kayaks. But first a quick trip to the outhouse – yes, I said “outhouse”, which he recommended that we leave the door open to allow for light. Dawn also snapped a quick picture of the harbor so we could compare it to the harbor when we got back the tide was back in.

By the way, the weather was AWESOME!!! Rain stopped and we even had sunshine.

Off we went, just beautiful and very peaceful, so quiet. We traveled around a couple of small islands and looked at the starfish, barnacles and seaweed. It was so cool, how the tide was so low, that all the starfish were just out of the water on what looked like cliffs, but would soon be under water. We were told that the tide could rise or lower up to 26 feet. We also saw otters, dolphins and eagles.

Rick harvested as we went along for a lunch he would making later. When we stopped for lunch he pulled out a small cooking pot and dropped in a bit of salmon he had packed in, cut up the seaweed he had harvested and we picked some herbs from around the island. Once the water came to a boil with the herbs and salmon he dropped in the seaweed and some rice and WAL-LA – Lunch was served with some amazing fresh home made bread from his wife. src=”×300.jpg” alt=”" title=”P1040222″ width=”225″ height=”300″ class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-1189″ data-wp-pid=”1189″ />Wow! So good, nutritious, fabulous flavors, and made right there on the beach. I, Stacey of course had peanut butter and jelly! My favorite lunch.

After lunch we paddled around a bit more, shared a few more stories and a couple of yummy chocolates. Back to the house where we started, and then the water taxi came to pick us up and back to the “homer spit”.

We had an awesome fire, cooked hamburgers outside ….had a great dinner, and great view. THEN an AWESOME…AWESOME rainbow appeared. Just perfect ending to a perfect day.

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